Our Story

Raw  Sprouted Organic



We’re Hello Raw, a Kiwi company on a mission to bring the healthiest Certified Organic snacks to the pantries, lunch boxes and handbags of families across NZ.


Being raw, sprouted, vegan and gluten free, we’re a little bit fancy, but we think organic food from the earth, shouldn’t cost the earth.


That’s why we’re committed to making organic (aka real food) the norm again by offering our products at the same prices as conventional, non-certified organic products.


Proving that cost savings don’t need to come at the expense of our health, the environment or other people’s well being.


We believe everyone has the opportunity to live full, vibrant lives, nourished by the food we eat. But the power lies with us, to say ‘yes please’ to organic and ‘na I’m good’ to the chemically laden foods that are causing much of the health problems we are experiencing today.


We’re standing up for the health that is rightly ours, will you join us?



We’re certified organic by BioGro, meaning we follow a strict organic protocol from grower to customer, so you can snack happy knowing you’re free from chemical pesticides, preservatives and additives. Plus you get to keep a clear conscience knowing no living things were hurt in the making.


We believe nature holds the secrets to optimal health which is why we go through a 48 hour process to sprout and activate the ingredients, replicating the plant’s natural growth cycle. This brings out the most nutrients and ensures they’re easy to digest.  


We then gently dehydrate our foods below 47 degrees celsius to ensure that the enzymes aren’t destroyed, meaning that you’re able to get more raw goodness from each bite.


Once the ingredients are carefully dehydrated, our raw food chefs transform them into tasty goods that are designed for maximum nutrition and taste!


With snacks ranging from granola and bites to bars and crackers, there is something for the whole family that won’t hurt your wallet, or your health.  



We operate from a 17 acre ex-orchard in the rural area of Kumeu, Auckland. We believe in working with the environment which is why we utilise the natural rain water when sprouting and activating our foods and then return it back to the earth at the end of our process.